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While a dark and even orange-y tan is completely out of style, you may want to give your skin a nice warm glow for your special event. However before you step foot into the salon with the hopes of walking away with a beautiful glowing goddess tan, keep these little words of wisdom in mind:

  • A few months before your event, try to exfoliate your entire body 2-3 times per week. Aim to use an exfoliant that is oil-based, as it will competently help remove your dead skin cells. It is important to rid of these, as it will help set the stage for a very natural looking and evenly warm skin tone on the big day.
  • In addition to exfoliating, moisturizing your precious skin is of equal importance if a beautiful glow is on your radar. Achieve skin that screams “hydration” by applying alcohol free lotion every single day post shower.
  • However, on the day that you are scheduled for your spray on tan, skip the lotions, deodorant, makeup and any other chemicals that could possibly prevent the sunless tanning products from completely soaking in.
  • Do a test run at least 14 days before you plan on slipping on your dream dress. This is wise since it may take once or even multiple attempts to find the ideal spray tan solutions, applications and techniques that best fit the skin you’re in.

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